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2016 Update on IP and the Music Industry: Digital Issues, Case Updates and Other Developments
Product ID: SEL12062016W
2018 Annual Southern District of Indiana Bankruptcy Court Update & Practice Pointers
Product ID: CMB10252018W
Don’t let your current case law knowledge go bankrupt—stay in the know with this CLE! The annual Southern District of Indiana Bankruptcy Case Update and Practice Pointers program ensures that you get u...
2018 Commercial Law Update
Product ID: CMB03262019W
2018 Indiana Real Estate Case Law Update
Product ID: LND11132018W
2018 Judicial Speaker Series: Discovery and Protective Orders in Employment Cases
Product ID: LAB07182018W
This program is back by popular demand and presented from a new perspective! Employers are moving more HR information from traditional filing cabinets to modern electronic systems. From applications to...
2018 Legislative Update: A Closer Look at SB 247
Product ID: EST05292018W
With the 2018 session of the Indiana General Assembly closed, there are new laws to learn and to understand. Get one step ahead in the game by learning about these new laws now rather than later! Th...
2018 Patent Law Year in Review
Product ID: INP04252019aW
2018 Trademark and Copyright Law Year in Review
Product ID: INP04252019bW
30(B)(6) Depositions: What You Need to Know but Are Afraid to Ask
Product ID: LIT04182018W
Indiana Trial Rule 30(B)(6) is often misunderstood by attorneys. The rule allows a party to depose an entity, which then must produce one or more witnesses to testify on a number of topics. The complet...
A Look In-House: A Panel Discussion with Real Estate In-House Counsel
Product ID: LND02072018W
A Small Firm Practitioner's Guide to Tax Planning
Product ID: TAX08302018W
The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act has changed the way small firm practitioners should think about taxes going forward. This seminar is an opportunity to find clarity in what's changed in tax law since the impl...
Access to Public Records: An introduction to using and refusing under Indiana's Access to Public Records Act
Product ID: INF03072019W
Alternatives to Guardianship: Means to Assist Disabled Adults Without Fully Taking Away Rights
Product ID: EST09262018W
Guardianships are intrusive, time-consuming and expensive. While petitioning a court for guardianship is an alternative when dealing with incapacitated individuals, Indiana law provides several other m...
An In-Depth Review of Survey Reading
Product ID: LND05022018W
Take a rare peek into the mind of a commercial real estate title insurance writer at this program! In order to obtain title insurance policy endorsements your client may want, it's important for you to...
An Update on U.S. Supreme Court and Federal Court of Appeals Decisions
Product ID: LAB10022018W
Gain the upper hand and get up-to-date by watching this program for the most recent updates on the Supreme Court's and federal appellate court decisions impacting labor and employment law matters—prese...
Appellate ADR: A Discussion of the Practice
Product ID: ADR08222018W
Dip your toes into the waters of appellate alternative dispute resolution (ADR)! The format of this presentation is heavily interactive, so bring your questions and get ready to have a discussion with ...
Appellate Roundtable
Product ID: APP09132018W
Before you approach the bench, tune in to this group roundtable CLE for a discussion on appellate court practices from two esteemed judicial officers. Justice Christopher Goff, the newest member of ...
Article 9 Issues for Commercial and Bankruptcy Bar Practitioners
Product ID: CMB09242019W
At Face Value: Assumptions, Biases and What We Bring to the Office and Courtroom
Product ID: FAM05212019W
Automation Contracts: A Live Negotiation of Key Provisions
Product ID: BUS09192019W
Avoiding Pitfalls and Getting Out When You're In
Product ID: CMB04232019W
Back to the Basics: Practice Pointers for Understanding Insurance Coverage
Product ID: INS03192019W
Bad Faith Litigation: Beyond the Basics
Product ID: INS09182019W
Balancing the Scales of Work and Wellness
Product ID: YLD03272019W
In a profession that prides itself on helping others, attorneys often forget to help themselves. In 2017, the American Bar Association (ABA) released its report, The Path to Lawyer Well-Being: Practica...
Beautiful Briefs in the Digital Age
Product ID: APP10072019W
Blue and White Collar Criminal Law Update + Ethics
Product ID: IBA10262018W
Budgeting for Environmental Costs in a Real Estate Transaction: What’s the Cost and How Long Will it Take?
Product ID: LND07182018W
Real estate developers (and their attorneys) often run into environmental issues they must deal with prior to developing real estate. They typically hire a firm like August Mack to analyze and clean up...
Business Case Law Update
Product ID: BUS03212019W
Business Law Skills Series: An Introduction to Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs)
Product ID: BUS08292018W
As clients are looking for alternative business succession planning options, Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs) are becoming more and more popular. This presentation provides an entry-level, broad ...
Business Law Skills Series: Certification with the City of Indianapolis & Marion County’s XBE Utilization Program
Product ID: BUS05302018W
The Office of Minority & Women Business Development (OMWBD) certifies minority-, women-, veteran- and disability-owned business enterprises (collectively, XBEs) for the City of Indianapolis & Marion Co...
Business Law Skills Series: Complying with the Buy American Act and Trade Agreements Act
Product ID: BUS03072018W
Business Law Skills Series: Demanding Parity for Women & Diverse Attorneys: Metrics for In-House Counsel and Private Practitioners Alike
Product ID: BUS12122018W
In-house practitioners and corporate management teams are critical to helping women and diverse attorneys in private practice obtain real, measurable power and success. Some companies are beginning to ...
Business Law Skills Series: Forming a Small Business
Product ID: BUS07252018W
Attorneys at all levels and in all practices are regularly approached by clients looking to start new businesses. There's a lot that goes into assisting a client in starting a small business, so it's i...
Business Law Skills Series: Guaranties: What Are They Good For?
Product ID: BUS10312018W
According to the American Bar Association, a guaranty is an agreement made by a third party, whether a person, trust or a business entity, to pay and/or perform the obligations of a debtor for the sati...
Business Law Skills Series: IP Corporate Counsel Panel Discussion
Product ID: BUS09262018W
Back by popular demand, we're bringing you this program for the second year in a row! Indianapolis is a hot spot for national headquarters of large corporations. Our new panelists have unique perspecti...
Business Law Skills Series: Issues and Pitfalls Surrounding Letters of Intent
Product ID: BUS06272018W
Letters of intent (LOI) are frequently overlooked but often help form the foundation of a successful transaction. Carefully setting agreements to key lease terms in an LOI will accelerate the negotiati...
Business Law Skills Series: Mergers & Acquisitions Masterclass
Product ID: BUS03282018W
Business Law Skills Series: Representations and Warranties in Purchase Agreements: What They Are, Why They Matter and Tips to Successfully Negotiate Them
Product ID: BUS11272018W
Representations and warranties are some of the most critical components of any merger and acquisition transaction, but their importance is often overlooked and their usage in transactions is sometimes ...
Business Succession from an Estate Planner’s Perspective
Product ID: EST06272019W
Buy-Sell Agreements and Succession Planning
Product ID: BUS06132019W
Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Issues Presented by a Chapter 7 Trustee
Product ID: CMB08202019W
Common Bankruptcy Issues in Commercial Real Estate Leases
Product ID: CMB02282019W
In recent years, there have been many large bankruptcy cases that have addressed issues regarding commercial real estate leases. As we're in one of the most challenging economic climate in decades, it'...
Confidentiality in the #MeToo World
Product ID: LAB06282018W
As the #MeToo movement grows, traditional notions of confidentiality in investigations and resolutions of workplace harassment claims are being reexamined. New proposed local court rules may impact #Me...
Control the Chaos: Criminal Issues within a Family Law Context
Product ID: FAM05092018W
What potential criminal issues arise when the Department of Child Services wants an interview with your family law client? What if a criminal client wishes to receive custody or parenting time, but the...
Coverage for Innocent Co-Insureds? You Be the Judge
Product ID: INS05212019W
Creative Financing Structures for Real Estate Acquisitions
Product ID: LND06052018W
Obtaining and retaining business clients is much easier when you, the attorney, can assist that business with its credit and financial needs. If you aren't familiar with this sort of assistance, then w...
Criminal Lawyers v. CRIMINAL Lawyers & Other Ethics Issues
Product ID: IBA12042018W
According to Jesse Pinkman of Breaking Bad, there are criminal lawyers, and then there are CRIMINAL lawyers. Tune in to this program and listen to IndyBar President James Bell of Paganelli Law Group di...
Cybersecurity and Data Privacy in the U.S. and Europe
Product ID: INP05082018W
The new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is live as of May 25, 2018 and will bring about the greatest change to data protection law in 20+ years. Though a European regulation, GDPR applies ...
Dealing with Experts: Bias, Billing and BS
Product ID: LIT08152019W
Deconstructing Arbitration
Product ID: ADR01242019W
The American Arbitration Association has developed sample clauses designed to assist individuals and organizations in developing clear and effective arbitration and mediation agreements. Using the mode...
Depositions—The Building Blocks of Your Case
Product ID: LIT03212018W
Discovery Issues in Bankruptcy
Product ID: CMB10042018W
Not much has been written about discovery from a bankruptcy perspective. E-Discovery is a hot term in litigation nowadays, so it's important that those of us in the bankruptcy field are familiar with b...
E-Discovery in Insurance Coverage Litigation
Product ID: INS06072018W
Effective Negotiation Strategies
Product ID: IBA03132019W
We're constantly negotiating. Whether that be within our office, with clients or with outside parties, the role is generally the same no matter with whom you're negotiating: convince the other side to ...
Effective Strategies for Mediation of Employment Law Cases
Product ID: LAB06042019W
E-Filing Update
Product ID: IBA04302019W
Electronic Evidence: How to Get It and How to Use It
Product ID: FAM08232018W
No matter what type of law you practice, you may encounter electronic evidence or want to find it. Do you know the steps to take to find electronic evidence and, better yet, how to use it? This program...
Employment Law Changes Under the Trump Administration: 2018 and Beyond
Product ID: LAB03152018W
Employers have experienced significant changes in labor and employment law and policy over the past decade. President Donald Trump’s election generated speculation about even more possible changes. Sin...
Escheat Happens: What Lawyers Need to Know About Unclaimed Property Liability
Product ID: TAX08062019W
eSports and the Law
Product ID: SEL04202018W
eSports are a true contender to traditional sports, especially with millennials. eSports aren't limited to just competitive video gaming, though. Also included under the umbrella are "fantasy league" c...
Estate Planning and Administration Update
Product ID: EST07172018W
Dig deep into recent estate planning and administration updates with this program! This annual update provides an overview of recent legislative and case law developments related to estate planning and...
Ethical Marketing Considerations for Young Lawyers: Applying the Rules of Professional Conduct
Product ID: YLD05222018W
Ethics: Challenges for the Regulatory Lawyer and Other Hot Topics
Product ID: ENV11072018W
Environmental practitioners encounter various ethical concerns throughout the duration of their career in the field. Those concerns often shift or change, as does the profession in general. While envir...
Expungement 6.0
Product ID: CRJ10042018W
The expungement law, while relatively new, has become one of the fastest growing areas for legal relief. In Marion County alone, there have been 10,600 expungement petitions filed since July 1, 2013. A...
Family Law Arbitration
Product ID: ADR07312018W
Arbitration, a form of alternative dispute resolution (ADR), is a method used to resolve disputes outside of court. Being the only form of ADR that involves a third-party decision-maker, arbitration is...
Family Law Section Open Meeting
Product ID: FAM04102019W
Family Law Section Open Meeting
Product ID: FAM10012019W
Family Law Summit 2018
Product ID: FAM12122018W
Family Law Toolkit for the Non-Family Law Attorney
Product ID: IBA06062018W
Federal Court Best Practices with U.S. District Court Judge James R. Sweeney II
Product ID: LAB08222019W
Finding Coverage in Strange Places: 10 Tricks Every Trial Lawyer Should Know
Product ID: INS10302018W
Five Essential Tax Reform Considerations and Strategies for Estate Planners
Product ID: EST04242018W
The impact of the 2017 tax reform has been felt in nearly every client demographic, whether by wreaking havoc on wealth transfer plans and charitable goals, causing significant changes to income tax pl...
Goodwill Expungement Clinic CLE Goodwill Expungement Clinic CLE
Product ID: PRO05152019W
Guardian Ad Litem: Best Practices for Direct and Cross Examination
Product ID: FAM08142019W
Health Care Case Law Update
Product ID: HLT03272019W


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